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How to Nominate






In order for an organization to be nominated, it must be a 501(c)(3) – please do your research to ensure this is the case.  At least one week prior to the meeting please submit the Charity Prequalification Form via email to  The organization cannot be be a national, international or political entity.  In order to be fully prepared with the key information you need, you must present a completed Nomination Form, at the meeting. The organizations’ websites and directors will be helpful resources in gathering the information requested on the form.


Only members of 100 Women Who Care are allowed to nominate an organization.  Upon arrival to the meeting, if you choose to nominate a charity, you will be given a slip of paper – please put your name and the name of one organization you are prepared to represent. One at a time, names will be drawn randomly from a basket and the person whose name is on the slip of paper will be asked to present. ONLY THE PERSON WHO MADE THE NOMINATION WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK (no substitutes please).  Again, we strongly suggest bringing the nomination form with you to the podium so that you have key information at your fingertips.

Note that organizations who are awarded the donation have a waiting period of two years before they are eligible to receive the donation again.


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